Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Moody Blues

It was a fantastic concert. Jim and I would see them again tonight if we could. It's hard to realize that it was 45 years ago that DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED was released from this line up of The Moodys. The original lineup did the classic British Invasion hit "Go Now" and members changed and they started in a new direction with one of the first concept albums released featuring a symphony orchestra as backup.

They performed hits and classic songs from their full catalog and thrilled the audience that while mostly older folks, there was a good showing from the younger generation as well. A father and his ten/twelve year old son were sitting in front of us and both enjoyed it.

John Lodge congratulated those who "were there in the 60s and now are in your 60s".

Graeme Edge said he was 25 when they recorded DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and he was now 70 but he danced around like he was still 25. He said "Back then his hair was brown, his teeth were white and the two finger salute meant Peace. Now his hair was white, his teeth were brown and the two fingered salute meant Viagra. So it is still sex, drugs and rock and roll."

If you get the chance, see The Moody Blues before they quit touring. It's a once in a lifetime experience.

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