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The Afterblight Chronicles: America

The Afterblight Chronicles: America
by Simon Spurrier, Rebecca Levene and Al Ewing

23 June 2011 • £10.99 (UK)ISBN 978-1-907992-13-1

14 June 2011 • $12.99/$14.99 (US & CAN)ISBN 978-1-907992-14-8

Also Available as an eBook

The End Was Nigh! .... so what happens next?
An epidemic has devastated the world and America has gone to hell in a handcart ... welcome to the post-apocalypse as you’ve never seen it before.

Forget your depressing dystopias, Abaddon Books brings you a trio of the most apocalyptic novels you’re likely to read in The Afterblight Chronicles: America, where the US turns from The Land of the Free into the Home of the Hunted.

From the white-knuckle ride of Simon Spurrier’s The Culled to the double-crossing intrigue of Rebecca Levene’s Kill or Cure and the ultra-violent man-punches-bear bloodshed of Al Ewing’s Death Got No Mercy, the world of the Afterblight Chronicles series is no place for the feint-hearted.

A breathtaking journey across a crippled continent, The Afterblight Chronicles omnibus breathing new life into the post-apocalyptic genre. In a world where the only kind of law comes down the barrel of a gun, the only guarantee is action-packed survival adventure.

About the Series

The world has been devastated by an epidemic. Although there are pockets of an attempted continuation of civilisation, the truth is that the world has gone to hell in a handcart. The reason for this is a disease that has wiped out most of the world's population. It kills almost all those who are not of the blood group 'O neg'. Those people who survive are untouched. Everyone else dies. Infrastructures have collapsed. Mobs run rampant. The only kind of law that exists is that imposed by the people with the biggest guns. In this chaotic world who can bring hope and order?

The Afterblight Chronicles bring together the best genre writers in a shared world full of action-packed surprises and terrifying images of a world gone to the dogs, in a series that refuses to wallow in dystopian despondency when there’s meals to catch and cannibals to ward off!

Abaddon Books recently struck a deal with Multistory Films to bring The Afterblight Chronicles title School’s Out by Scott Andrews to the big screen.

About the Authors

Simon Spurrier is an award-winning writer of novels and graphic novel fiction. He's worked extensively for the UK's talent-factory title 2000 AD, has published novels with Abaddon, the Black Library and Black Flame, and has won a series of accolades and prizes for screenwriting. He's worked as a cook, a bookseller, a BBC Art Director and a film student. He lives in London because the night sky is a far better shade of green than anywhere else.

Rebecca Levene has been a writer and editor for fifteen years. In that time she has storylined Emmerdale, written a children's book about Captain Cook, several science fiction and horror novels, a novelisation and making-of book for Rebellion's Rogue Trooper video game, and a Beginner's Guide to Poker. She has also edited a range of media tie-in books. She was associate producer on the ITV1 drama Wild at Heart, story consultant on the Chinese soap opera Joy Luck Street, script writer on Family Affairs and Is Harry on the Boat? and is part of the writing team for Channel 5's Swinging. She has had two sit-coms optioned, one by the BBC and one by Talkback, and currently has a detective drama in development with Granada Television.

Al Ewing was born in 1977, three days before Elvis died on the toilet. Indoctrinated into the loathsome practice of comics at an early age by his disreputable brother, the child progressed from his innocent beginnings to the loathsome depths of sin represented by the British comic 2000AD, long known as a haunt of depravity. He remains ensconced there to this day as a writer of the bizarre and fantastic, when not involved in even more sordid past-times.

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