Sunday, January 2, 2011

Subject Seven by Jim Moore

SUBJECT SEVEN, James A. Moore, Razorbill, $9.99, 336 pages, ISBN: 9781595143044, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

This time out James A. Moore is taking us on a journey of discovery and adventure. It is a journey that reeks of paranoia and scientific research gone off the deep end. SUBJECT SEVEN is on a journey to discover who he is and what happened to the others that were part of his “litter” as it was.

As he discovers information about his origins, he wants to know more about himself and the “Other” that seems to share his memories and causes his blackouts. He does whatever necessary to obtain information; Moore leaves a lot of it to our imagination rather than filling in the details.

As Hunter, the normal side of the doppelganger, seeks the other members and arranges for them to meet, we discover the stories of Cody, Gene, Tina, and Kyrie. They have all experienced the blackouts and come to Boston to meet Joe Bronx, who promises to explain what is happening in their lives.

Moore continues the story with plenty of action as the parties behind their creation want to put their “failures” to rest. SUBJECT SEVEN is a powerful book that is a nice fit for Moore’s writing style and pacing. This will be a memorable series for him, it’s off to a fantastic start and I’m ready too see what happens next.

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