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Top 20 Obscure TV Channels

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Top 20 Obscure TV Channels

I thought it would be fun to comb through the various channels that are available to all of us American viewers to offer something a bit different from the standard TV most of us watch (sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, reality shows, and more). There are a lot of really unique channels that we can get either via satellite or cable tv that are worth checking out. You might like this list of 20 channels if you are looking for something a bit obscure and different to watch tonight (part of the reason why many of us got a satellite in the first place).

Al Jazeera – Though this Arabian-based channel has a large audience in the Middle East and worldwide, it definitely has a strong anti-American slant to it. It’s interesting to watch though even if you just look at the pictures (there is an English version of the network) you can pick up quite a bit. If you are like me, it’s interesting to see the world from a different paradigm.

ZeeTV – is a Hindi channel offered in satellite networks in US. The channel offers programs in various genres such as reality shows, drama, historical and food and fitness which have English subtitles.

KIKU-TV – This is a TV channel available in Hawaii primarily catering to an Asian audience such as Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese. Reality shows such as Cocorico and dramas Ryomaden and Making it Through are among the channel’s most well-known programs.

RTVi – The channel primarily caters to the Russian audience in the United States and since there are limited Russian channels on cable TV, RTVi serves as the main source of information for Russian-speaking homes across the U.S.

Saigon TV – This Vietnamese channel offers various TV shows from news to children’s programs for the Vietnamese community. To further strengthen Vietnamese culture, Saigon TV features special programs and hosts cultural events.

KXLA – This is actually an independent station that broadcasts from West LA and offers programming in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese (with English sub-titles). They do have some shows like Magic Bell which is broadcast in English (it is a Japanese variety show). You can pick this up on Dish Network, DIRECTV, Charter, Cox, Time Warner, and several other places.

Azteca America – This TV station is geared toward Spanish-speaking homes in the US. Recently the network subscriber base was extended to 89% of Hispanic viewership operating in 62 markets all over US.

Fe-TV – The network’s target audience are also Spanish-speaking but Christian individuals. It is based in Texas and an outreach of the Faith Please God Church. The network closed temporarily in 2006 and resumed airing in September, 2007.

Military History – is a TV channel 100% dedicated to people who are fond of programs related with history and specifically wars. A lot of the network’s programming settles around battles and events related to World War II.

Mexicanal – Has a wide array of various Spanish-speaking programs ranging from news, culturally relevant shows, entertainment, and sporting events.

Create – is a digital TV network that mainly airs programs on how-to, Do-it-yourself, and other instructional shows taken from previous shows that were on PBS and American Public Television.

ImaginAsianTV – This TV network has various TV programs coming from the Asian region. It features dramas and several animated series mostly from Korea and Japan.

TeleFutura – is a US/Mexican show that caters to the Spanish-speaking community in the US. The network was launched in 2002 and is considered to be one of the smallest commercial Spanish-speaking networks in the country (so see if you can find it).

Public Broadcasting Services – The TV network is a principal broadcasting channel in the US. It has 24/7 program feeds that can be accessed by some broadcast stations. It has programs aimed for both young and adult learners. Surely you have watched ageless hits like the Electric Company and Sesame Street on PBS.

Corner Store TV – is a TV network that exclusively shows infomercials. It’s a blast!

TV9 Gujarat – is a foreign news channel offered by Dish Satellite. The network features news from India for 24×7.

Jewelry Television – is a US TV channel similar to home shopping, but focuses on jewelry retailing. The network even put up manufacturing facilities in various parts of Asia a sure sign of at least some success.

Syfy – an American TV channel, which dedicates programming in fantasy horror, science fiction, and paranormal programs among others. It was launched in 1992 and was officially named syfy in 2009.

Sleuth – This cable network focuses on crime and mystery genre. It debuted on satellite TV in 2006.

ART – This TV channel is available on satellite and some cable TV systems. It has Saudi-Arabian natives as their target audience. It is the exclusive broadcasting channel for the Saudi Leagues and other sporting events.

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