Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fly By Wire Review

FLY BY WIRE, Ward Larsen, Oceanview, $25.95, 302 pages, ISBN: 9781933515861, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

The C-500 is a new type flying wing cargo plane that has over a hundred already in service flying world-wide. The latest one is being delivered when it falls out of the sky into a field in France. Both pilots are killed and the French authorities are joined by a member of the NTSB to investigate.

Frank “Jammer” Davis is sent to be the NTSB liaison and with his fighter pilot background, he gets things done and runs over anyone who gets in his way. Anna Sorensen is another American member of the team and is supposedly working for one of the planes subcontractors. Jammer has issues with the team leader and feels that things are not quite right.

As they investigate the crash, oil refineries are attacked by suicide bombers all over the world. No group lays claim to the bombings but Caliph, a small time terrorist, comes to the attention of the intelligence community.

Jammer is recruited to help the CIA by Anna and they seek to use the evidence to put an answer for the crash on the table as the intelligence community seeks to identify the mastermind behind the refinery attacks.

The two seemingly unrelated problems become intertwined until the true plot is uncovered. Larsen has written another thriller that ties in the events that could be devastating to the world were they to come to pass. It is well written and action packed and is a major novel in the thriller category.

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