Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shapeshifters and others

Shifting Plains
Jean Johnson
Berkley, Nov 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425230862

Tava Ell Var has known violence all her life as the offspring of a human female raped by seventeen were-tigers. Her adoptive father, a gentle scribe, showed her kindness while raising her, but marauding bandits murdered him; leaving her alone especially in light of people she has known for years rejecting her. Tava vows vengeance for the only person whoever cared about her.

However, before she can stalk her adversaries, a Shifterai warband led by Kodan Sin Siin kill the outlaws and offer Tava sanctuary with Clan Cat as she is a shapeshifter too. She hesitates well aware of the raping of her mom. She is given no choice as she can be a slave or a free member.

The prequel to the Sons of Destiny saga is an enjoyable romantic fantasy as fans of the series will enjoy the tale of love between shapeshifters. Although not as dramatic as the Sons of Destiny with sudden leaps in the story line, Jean Johnson provides an enjoyable tale in which the romance supersedes the fantasy elements even with a potential she-Tiger who may prove genuine or die as the first female royal shifter in ages. Harriet Klausner

Thief Of Light
Denise Rossetti
Berkley, Nov 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425231302

In Caracole Erik Thorensen is known as the Godlen due his sensual Voice that seduces innocent women. However, he went too far with his seductive Voice and stole the soul of an innocent.

Erik is attracted to the Garden of Nocturnal Delights business manager Pruella Takimori McGuire. She is a bottom line type of woman and not fantasy Magick lover. His efforts to win her love is frustrated by her ignoring the Voice as it has no effect though she conceals her attraction to Erik the person and not his Golden persona. However, Erik is soon in deep trouble when the Necromancer has evil plans to use the Golden Voice to devour the souls of the innocent.

This is an enjoyable romantic fantasy starring two likable lead characters and a sinister villain. The Golden one finds his charming seductive voice fails him with the woman he wants and who might be the one to bring him redemption. Besides his failure with Prue, he now has a kick butt evil necromancer determined to use his seductive skill to steal souls. Fans will take pleasure in Denise Rossetti’s return to the realm of the Four-Sided Pentacle (see The Flame and the Shadow).
Harriet Klausner

Heart Change
Robin D. Owens
Berkley, Nov 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425229972

In Celta, GrandLady Signet D'Marigold is lonely as the last surviving member of her proud family. However, to make matters worse, her talent remains undefined. That is unknown until thirteen year old prophet GreatLord Vinni proclaims her to a major catalyst for change.

Vinni needs Signet's help with his seven years old heartmate Avellana Hazel; the child’s brain has been damaged and chances of surviving her first passage are nonexistent unless Signet takes the risk of assisting her. GreatLord T'Hawthorn’s security chief Cratag Maytree is chosen to protect the two females during the flair. None of the participants were expecting an attraction between Signet and Cratag, but as that ignites someone wants to destroy all of those involved.

Readers will relish the latest Heart realm romantic fantasy as the lead couple falls in love while trying to save a child’s life. The story line is character driven as Robin D. Owens goes deep inside family relationships on Celta with a poignant passionate tale that resonates with its health issue timeliness. Robin D. Owens’ latest as is the case with the magnificent seven predecessors is filled with Heart as the concern is the child’s welfare first. Harriet Klausner

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