Thursday, January 28, 2010

J D Salinger dies

J D Salinger has died at 91. His THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is one of those novels that every boy reads at least once in his lifetime.

Here are some reviews from Harriet.

Night Of The Wolves
Heather Graham
Harlequin HQN, Nov 24 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780373774043

In 1864 in New Orleans a deadly serial killer shakes up the locals as well as the occupying army. Union officer Lieutenant Aldridge asks for former Confederate soldier Dr. Cody Fox who is sent to investigate as he has previous experience with these types of killings back in Alexandria in 1859 with a decapitating vicious serial killer. His assignment is to solve who is behind the mass murders and prevent more from happening.

Alex Green heads west to be with her father, but she arrives in Victory, Texas to learn he is dead although she is unaware how he died as no one will whisper a word of it as if they feared his fate if they say anything. Meanwhile deadly outlaw Milo Roundtree arrives in town as does Cody tracking the culprit who most believe is the vicious criminal. When Milo places a knife at Alex's throat, Cody kills him saving her life. However, nothing is resolved as the mass graves are empty and rumors abound to stay in-doors once the sun goes down.

This is a refreshing vampire historical romantic fantasy. The cast is solid especially the lead couple, the townsfolk, and the key second in command of the bloodsuckers who cleverly is hidden in plain sight. The prime weapon against the undead seems much more effective and realistic than the usual stake as Heather Graham provides a fun fast-paced story line as vampires and hunters collide in Civil War Texas. Harriet Klausner

Veil Of Shadows
Jennifer Armintrout
Mira, Nov 24 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780778326786

With the deaths of her royal parents Queen Ayla and Malachai during the battle between Lightworld and the Darkworld elves and waterhorses (see the second book Child of Darkness); the heir to the throne of Faery Queene, Cerridwen flees to the Upworld human realm. Accompanying her in order to keep her safe is her late mom’s chosen betrothed for her Cedric. They make it to Eire, the last fairy realm amidst the mortals.

Ruling over Eire in the new queene’s absence is the High Priestess Danae. Although she pretends to bow to Cerridwen as the rightful ruler of the Fae, she is setting up her highness to destroy her so she can reign as the rightful ruler. With no experience as a leader making life and death decisions, Cerridwen must learn fast or see the usurper take her crown, kill her allies, and plunge her people into civil war at a time they need unity to battle the Darkworld denizen.

The third Lightworld/ Darkworld (see the first book Queene of Light) centers on the next generation as Cerridwen with Cedric at her side having her back covered battles an internal betrayal as well as the Darkworld invaders. The story line is fast-paced with the romantic subplot enhancing the political seditious intrigue that threatens the heroine. Although it helps considerably to have read the previous two tales especially the Child of Darkness to understand how Cerridwen finds herself struggling to survive, fans will enjoy this exhilarating fantasy as the war has moved to Eire in the Upworld. Harriet Klausner

A Mermaid's Ransom
Joey W. Hill
Berkley, Dec 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425230688

Alexis has grown up in clam serene waters. The daughter of Jonah the angel and Anna the mermaid (see A Mermaid’s Kiss) decides to go to college. However, she begins having dark dreams that frighten the innocent mer-angel.

Dante the Dark One vampire rules the Underground although he prefers to escape his destiny. His scheme is to kidnap the beautiful mer-angel daughter of the enemy’s military leader. However, when he snatches the Prime Legion Commander’s daughter he is stunned by the purity of her soul reaching out to his tortured mind. She makes him believe even he has goodness. Before he turns, Dante realizes he must rid himself of Alexis, but cannot as she not just brought back his soul, she also owns it.

The latest Daughters of Arianne oceanic-urban romantic fantasy (see A Witches Beauty) is much darker than the previous entries as Dante appears evil through much of the first part of the book. His potential transition from total darkness comes at a cost to Alexis who has lived a warm loving life until the dreams assault her followed by his appearance; as he has brought malevolent shadows into her previous 100% light. He is a hybrid too; the offspring of hellish violence between a vampire and a Dark One, Dante knows abuse and loathing domination fuel existence until he meets Alexis. Readers will be spellbound as the prize in the battle between good and evil is the soul of the loser as one of them must turn. Harriet Klausne

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