Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something to think about

2012 seems to be right around the corner and it seems very likely that something is going to happen. I've not seen the movie or read the book, but I have seen a lot of the programs running on the History and Discovery Channels. There have also been a lot of guests and theories discussed on Coast To Coast AM that should have caused even the most jaded to think. Thinking is becoming a lost art and reading seems to be headed down the same path.

The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Hindu and various other religions warn of something happening then. Be it a global freeze, the Dark Destroyer - an unknown planet that passes every 33,000 years, severe sunspot activity or a shift in the planets poles. Or could it be the discovery and merging of an alternate universe where we meet the Shadow People.

No one knows. Many have ideas. Lets all think about it and either leave a comment here or drop me a line at

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