Friday, November 6, 2009

The Mission to Earth

Here's a review from Jim.

THE MISSION TO EARTH: A Tale of the Hunters, C. L. Rossman,, $15, ISBN: 9781615461165, reviewed by Jim Brock.

C. L. Rossman introduced her race of civilized carnivores, The Hunters, in two previous novels. RENEGADE THE HUNTER and RENEGADE THE WARRIOR are wondrous in their imagining and delightful in their reading. Rossman has created an alien race with endless potential and I like what she has done with them in THE MISSION TO EARTH.

That mission takes place 20 years after RENEGADE THE WARRIOR. A large contingent of Hunters has returned to Earth to meet with the US President and other world leaders in New York City. Having spent the intervening years changing the planet Venus into a world suitable for human colonization, the Hunters are here to cement the peace between the races and select the humans to populate Venus. The Hunters have a strong sense of honor but some doubt the trustworthiness of their human partners. And, as for our wont in such a situation, some humans are suspicious of the aliens intentions and act with violence and treachery.

A terrorist group called the Human First Coalition goes all out to wreck the peace and cooperation between the races. The nonaggression pact is in great danger unless a New York police detective, a female reporter, and two of the Hunters can work together to defeat the terrorists, calm the situation, and maintain that fragile alliance.

Friendships are forged in blood and action. THE MISSION TO EARTH and the varied humans selected for transport to Venus leave me with much hope for the future of Rossman’s creations. It’s the same feeling of hope and anticipation I felt after reading the early Dragonriders of Pern books. I am eagerly awaiting more from C. L. Rossman.

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