Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gilbert and Edgar on Mars

GILBERT AND EDGAR ON MARS, Eric Brown, PS Publishing, 98 pages, Trade ISBN: 9781906301675, $19.20, Limited ISBN: 9781906301682, $40, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Imagine a meeting of three of Britain’s greatest writers, George Bernard Shaw, Herbert George Wells and Gilbert K. Chesterton (GK to his friends) finishing a night of discussion at the Athenaeum and heading home. Chesterton is approached by an autograph seeker and discovers along the way that he is believed to be Wells. He thinks this will be a good story for their next meeting when is apparent something more sinister is afoot.

Chesterton finds himself in a strange place where the natives consist of red and green men and the entire landscape is a shade of red. Suddenly the wall is blasted open and he is approached by Edgar who helps him make his escape. Edgar explains that that have been brought to Mars at the behest of The Six Philosophers, the last of the original Martian race, in order to read their minds.

We get to meet John Carter and his Princess and through the battle to stop the Manifestations emanating from the Indeterminate Zone that is causing it to grow we discover the true purpose The Six Philosophers are bringing people from Earth.

Our heroes are able to solve the problem of the manifestations and return home. Of course they are given an amnesiac potion so they won’t remember their adventures on Mars; at least, not as true adventures. We all know from the writings of Burroughs and Chesterton, all was not forgotten.

This is a very enjoyable tale and would make a great present for your friends who enjoy the pulpish tales of yesteryear. PS Publishing continues to produce a wide variety of interesting titles. Check out their website,, for their other offerings.

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