Monday, June 1, 2009

All the Clouds, Part 2

Here's the review of the final volume of a trilogy. Its a tremendous story of love and World War II. Give them both a try. I'm pretty sure the first review is on here as well.

ALL THE CLOUDS’LL ROLL AWAY: Volume II, Dreams to Life, Taylor Morris, Gap Mountain Press, $19.95, 368 pages, ISBN: 9780979560323, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

In this final volume of the story of Will Vairin, we follow his continued dream of becoming a flyer in the war and his love for Leyla. Morris has written a truly realistic picture of the training the pilots go through and the growth of love and how the two things don’t always mesh together.

After Will earns his wings he returns home to New Orleans for a family visit and then heads to Boston to be with Leyla before he reports to Dive Bomber School in Deland, Florida. Will and Leyla spend a few days together discovering the depths of their love and Leyla is convinced she is pregnant when Will leaves.

Things begin to change as Will is stationed stateside to train new pilots, Leyla has a miscarriage, and they both wonder about their future together. Will decides to accept things as they are and he and Leyla get married and start their life together.

Circumstances change and Leyla becomes pregnant and will gets orders to become a Corsair pilot and prepare to go overseas. They make a trip to visit Will’s family and a short final trip to say goodbye to New Orleans. Plans are made for Leyla to have the baby while Will is overseas.

Morris has finished his saga, but leaves me wanting more. The characters are endearing and I can picture them with my minds eye. I can feel the love that is in this novel and the love that flows between the characters. Not many books can make a reader feel this way, but this is one of them and it needs to be on your reading list.

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