Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Water, Death and Reviews

Since we had to wait until Monday to get the parts to fix Scott's water problems, they spent the weekend with us. Finally got everything up and fixed late Monday after spending part of the day getting the Jeep worked on. Had to get a new wiring harness because the other one was shorting out.

J.G. Ballard, who is best known for EMPIRE OF THE SUN and make into a film by Speilberg. died in London on the 19th. He is best remembered for his tetrology that included THE WIND FROM NOWHERE, THE DROWNED WORLD, THE BURNING WORLD, and THE CRYSTAL WORLD as well as others. He was an interesting writer but not one that you could make a steady diet on.

Marilyn Chambers has died from undetermined causes. She was the star of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR which brought adult movies up a notch. Her appearance as a young mother on the Ivory Snow box really helped sell movie tickets. She also starred in David Cronenberg's RABID, which was a marginal science fiction/horror film.

Here are some more reviews from Harriet. I'm in the middle of a book I'll review when I'm finished.

Anya Howard
Kensington Aphrodisia, May 2009, $12.95
ISBN: 9780758228802

Gillian Nordstram has agreed to become a pleasure giving submissive Disciple. She leaves behind her lover Bruce Wolff to receive training at Nemi in the art of sexual submission.

Sethlucius visits Bruce and offers him the job of a lifetime involving his Gilliam. Bruce initially assumes that Gillian’s fantasies have entered his mind, but agrees anyway. As she fears but submits to winged beasts, he follows her with plans to be her only dominant.

This is an interesting erotic fantasy that star two intriguing lead human characters and a horde of paranormals. The sex scenes run the gamut and are very vivid while Gillian and Bruce are fully developed especially his initial self pity and her fears. However, the plot never fully seems developed so that this alternate reality never comes across except in the BDSM scenes. Still fans who relish something way different in their erotica will appreciate the sexcapades of Gillian and Bruce in another realm.

Harriet Klausner

Bad to the Bone
Jeri Smith-Ready
Pocket, May 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9781416551782

In Maryland Ciara Griffin pretends to be the late owner Elizabeth of the vampire run radio station WVMP so she and her cohorts of vamps can keep working. In spite of the difficulty of the masquerade, Ciara feels upbeat as things are going well with her significant other vampire.

However, their special Halloween show is devastated by the Family Action Network (FAN) who steals their signal broadcasting an anti-vampire tirade. Irate Ciara and her cohorts including Dexter the vampire canine sneak into the FAN base of operations to bring the bite to the enemy.

The sequel to the brilliantly wacky WICKED GAME still has the vampires remain stuck in a time warp leading to quite a variety in the music played at WVMP, the “lifeblood of rock and roll”. Ciara, though claiming she is a reformed con artist, is pulling off quite a sham pretending to be the dead owner. Amusing and as wacky as its predecessor, this time the vamps with a blood thirsty canine are at war with their FAN enemy as Jeri Smith-Ready lampoons urban fantasy taking a humorous bite out of the sub-genre.

Harriet Klausner

Burning Wild
Christine Feehan
Jove, Apr 28 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9780515146233

Leopard shapeshifter Jake Bannaconni's memories of his parents are that of unloving cold and abusive; only his great-grandfather showered him with genuine affection as the lad can smell a lie. He learned early on they would never love him as he knows why they had him, but Cathy and Ryann underestimated how much power their offspring has compared to them.

Jake’s pregnant former girlfriend Shaina Trent is in a tragic car accident with another vehicle containing a new bride Emma Reynolds. Everyone dies except Emma; the fetus she carries, and the fetus Shaina carries. The paramedics at the scene deliver healthy Kyle, Jake’s son. Perhaps it is the tragedy, but Jake and Emma share a connection so he persuades her to move into his place where she nurtures his offspring Kyle. However, she may not be safe as his odious parents have plans for their grandson.

The opening sequence in which readers see first hand how his parents treat Jake sets the tone of a strong urban fantasy romance as the abused neglected child becomes the adult. Emma is terrific as she displays patience with Jake and showers Kyle with love as if he is her child; in fact as Jake observes she treats both their kids as her own. Fans will appreciate this deep shapeshifting tale as Christine Feehan is at the top of her game with Jake’s saga.

Harriet Klausner

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