Monday, April 27, 2009

All the Clouds

Here's the review I was referring to the other day. It's the first volume of a story of a young boys dream to become a pilot and his growing up in New Orleans.

I know things are tight, but if any of the reviews inspire you, please help the authors out by buying a copy or at least telling you local library to put a copy on the shelf.

ALL THE CLOUDS’LL ROLL AWAY, Volume One, Taylor Morris, Gap Mountain Press, $19.95, 436 pages, ISBN: 9780979560316, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

This is an interesting story about Will Vairin, a young boy who has a dream and his plans to become a flyer and his adventures from 1935 to 1943. It is also a love story that operates on three levels. The first level is the story of his love of family and how it changes as the family’s fortunes change over the years. Secondly, it is the love of New Orleans, a city that doesn’t seem to change. Thirdly, it is the story of his love for his friends and the girls that come into his life. The love story is there lying under the surface and you only realize it after you think about the story you have read.

Book I: New Orleans gives us his childhood and high school story as he sees his mother marry several times, face a change in fortune, and do the things kids do as they develop their own character and explore the boundaries of their existence.

Book II: Flight is the story of his college years and the beginning of World War II that causes him to further his plans to be a pilot. It is also the story of his meeting with Leyla, who may be the true love of his life.

We will have to wait for Volume II to find out about his adventures as a pilot during World War II and if Leyla is going to be a continuing part of his life. Morris has written a touching and endearing story that works on so many levels that will leave you waiting for the conclusion to the story. I’m sure Morris used his memories of growing up in New Orleans to make this a vibrant, emotional novel.

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