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Took it easy today. Both Kathy and I are doing better. I did get the latest issue of Baryon out via email. If you want a copy, email me at

Here are some more reviews by Harriet. I should get some done next week.

Dead After Dark, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Susan Squires and Dianna Love, St. Martin's, Dec 2008, $7.99, ISBN: 9780312947989, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.

"Shadow of the Moon" by Sherrilyn Kenyon - In New Orleans, vowing to keep his clan safe, Fury seeks the adversary who assaulted a werewolf. Vowing to keep her people safe, Angelia knows her people are under siege by the furious werewolf; she hunts him. Neither expected what happened between them.

“The Story of Son” by J.R. Ward - In Caldwell, New York drinking Earl Grey while on a business visit to her nonagenarian wealthy client, attorney Claire is taken aback when the elderly woman says her Son will like her. The tea was drugged and when she regains consciousness, Claire is incarcerated with Michael the “Son”.

"Beyond the Night" by Susan Squires - Fifteen years ago, Drew Carlowe was accused of theft; he swore he did not do it, but no one believed him. Now he is finally home with the goal of regaining the love of the one person he missed. He buys the allegedly haunted Ashland where he finds himself desiring the occupant Freya the “ghost” who haunts his home and his heart while possessing his body.

"Midnight Kiss Goodbye" by Dianna Love - As a VIPER, Belador warrior Trey protects humanity from evil. His current assignment is to keep human witch Sasha safe while they go after a malevolent warlord, but he wonders who will protect her from his attraction for her as his control when it comes to her bewitching him has slipped.

These are four exciting romantic fantasies starring lead characters that bewitch the audience while making the respective “worlds” seem genuine; fans of the Dark Hunter and the Companion sagas have an added treat.

Dancing on the Head of a Pin, Thomas E. Sniegoski, Roc, Apr 2009, $14.00, ISBN: 0451462513, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.

It was Paradise until the Morningstar let pride and jealousy turned him away from the Creator. He and his allies went to war against those loyal to the Lord. Angel fought angel until Heaven was filled with the dead. Although Archangel Remiel of the host of the Seraphim fought on the winning side against Lucifer and his rebels, he witnessed the atrocities that his squad of angels committed in the name of the Father. He left Heaven in disgust and came to earth where he hid his angelic side to live amidst humans and even loved a human. It has been a few months since his beloved wife died and the grieving Remy Chandler, as he calls himself, finally returns to the life of a twenty-first century Boston private investigator.

Alfred Karnighan hires Remy to find some ancient weapons; artifacts stolen from his collection, which is secured by a thick steal door in his basement. The Fallen want the weapons as does the Nomads, angels allegedly inspired by Remy who left Paradise after he did. They are neutrals who come and go between heaven, hell and earth have a grand plan to use these weapons. To prevent a second tragic war, Remy casts off his human cloak returning to the warrior archangel Remiel goes along with a Fallen and a Repentant angel hoping to go home one day if forgiven, into hell.

The allegorical title referring to medieval philosophy aside, DANCING ON THE HEAD OF A PIN is a powerful urban fantasy starring a hero who knows heaven’s occupants were changed by the war; so he wants no part of the new heaven (see A KISS BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE). Still when it matters, Remiel’s gut loyalty to the Creator leads him to defend heaven as he loathes the Fallen especially Lucifer whom he holds culpable for Paradise Lost. Readers will feel for Remy and pray he finds redemption and happiness amidst the humans he admires.

Animal Attraction, Charlene Teglia, St. Martin’s, Mar 2009, $13.95, ISBN: 0312537417, reviewed by Harriet Klausner.

In spite of being caught by surprise at a Tysons Corner, Virginia mall where she works as she initially thought Zach the customer and the trio were enemy gangbusters; Chandra Walker adapts well to being a werewolf. However, she does not acclimatize herself to the ritual of her new pack. She must test each male in bed and select her mate. Whomever she chooses wilt become pack leader.

Thirteen studs and little to choose between them as all are hot, built and incredible sex machines. Struggling with whom to choose, the pack comes under attack from an unholy alliance between rogue werewolves and were-panthers. Only Chandra with the right mate can save the pack.

This is an interesting heated urban romantic fantasy based on an intriguing premise that a tyro female werewolf must test thirteen hunks to determine who is her soul mate and rightful pack leader at a time when their clan is under siege. The key to the entertaining story line is the chosen female as Chandra has abandonment issues and is used to going it alone, but now has to adjust to a pack of virile males wanting her and needing to protect her like a queen. Fans will relish this fine version of sexual Survivor as time is running out on Chandra and her retinue.

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