Sunday, March 22, 2009

Strange Mysteries

Two new reviews by me this time. One is the anthology of mystery stories that includes one of mine. The other is a novel by an old friend.

Give them a try.

STRANGE MYSTERIES, edited by Jean Goldstrom, Whortleberry Press, $14.75, 268 pages, ISBN: 5800028182673, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Whortleberry is a small press that does a few books each year and is a good place for newer writers to get their start. Most of their books are available electronically and a few of them are available in print through

This volume is aptly titled as there are assorted mysteries and many of them are on the more unusual side. Rob Rosen tells of a future where the “Vampires on Acid” stalk unusual victims. Michael H. Hansen presents the “Locked Room Mystery” with a twist. Arthur Sanchez has a psychic finding out the truth behind “The Two Madame Lees”. Jack Hillman has a hiker making his “Anniversary Visit” to the place he proposed. Gary A. Markette has a story of a mummy and a film crew in “How Dry I Am”.

Other stories contain a Neanderthal detective, homeland terrorists, Asimov’s three laws, collectible dolls, and private eyes. This volume also includes a story by me at no additional cost.

There are a total of twenty six very enjoyable stories in this volume. There’s something for every taste and you may discover a new name or two to add to your reading list. Order from

USURPER, Patrick Welch,, $4.95, 100 pages, April, 2009, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Gerard Toombs, Graveyard to his friends, is a psychic investigator and his latest case is to prove that Jason Carruthers did not commit suicide where his wife can collect on his insurance policy. The police consider it an open and shut case of suicide, but Toombs must prove otherwise as the body was buried with its’ soul missing.

Toombs contacts his friend, Miika – who runs an astrology service and is also psychic. When she is unable to locate Carruthers soul, they both realize something is very wrong. Miika seeks help from the Sisterhood of Twilight and obtains some information to help Toombs follow up on his investigation.

The USURPER is able to take over a person’s soul long enough for them to have an “accident” in order to complete his mission. There is an interesting governmental subplot that adds to the story and will the conspiracy theorists chomping at the bit to follow up on.

Welch has written a contemporary novel that fits in with the current political scene as well as the paranormal. He, again, has interesting characters and a well written story to entertain his audience. He has other books available. Give him a try and add him to your list of must read authors.

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