Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Welcome to issue #99 of the Donald M. Grant Newsletter

Welcome to issue #99 of the Donald M. Grant Newsletter

26 April 2017



Mailing costs out of the United States are outrageous. Currently the cheapest way
we can send GOBLIN MARKET to someone in the UK is $34.50 (via International
First Class Mail - there is no book rate), almost the cost of the book alone.

Sometimes an overseas customer has found that they can order the book via
Amazon and get a cheaper shipping rate.

Another alternative is that Diamond Comics Distributors ships our books all over
the world to comic shops, but they usually only make them available for a month
or two. They have just solicited GOBLIN MARKET but if there is a comic book
store you occasionally go to (I only know of Forbidden Planet in London) you
might ask them to order GOBLIN MARKET for you. Direct them to this page:

I don’t know if Diamond will still ship them the Jeff Jones IDYL-I’M AGE book we
published two years ago or the two Roger Zelazny-Vaugh Bode books from last
year but you might ask them to try.

Check out our re-vamped website at


DONALD M. GRANT, PUBLISHER, INC. is proud to announce
the publication of Christina Rossetti’s GOBLIN MARKET, lavishly
interpreted by award winning artist Omar Rayyan.

Over one hundred drawings and watercolor paintings are packed
into this 88 page full color book. 10 x 12 inches, hardcover with a
printed dust jacket and an introduction written by Charles Vess.
Omar signed a number of books for us and these are available
while they last at no extra cost.

Retail price is $35.00 plus shipping and can be ordered at:

Thank you.

Robert K. Wiener, President
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.

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