Tuesday, November 22, 2016


In between the lavish meals and family visits and assorted upcoming holiday festivities, there’s a lot of food coma recovery, travel, and binge-reading time that needs filling—and Ruth Vincent’s second Changeling P.I. novel, UNVEILED (on-sale 12/6/16), is a perfect book for that job! It’s got the great mystery and mythical creatures we've
all come to love so much about Urban Fantasy—but Ruth’s storytelling is fun and not overly dark (so, a perfectly engrossing holiday read). I’m including a widget for a review copy below, along with some more information, but I’d love to chat with you about including Ruth and UNVEILED in your upcoming books coverage.

Our heroine is Mabily “Mab” Jones, an average-seeming millennial New Yorker who works as a private detective. However, Mab is more than meets the eye; as the series name indicates, she’s a changeling, and her boyfriend, Obadiah Savage is a half-fey former bootlegger of fairy elixir. Still, despite their unique supernatural situation, Mab and Obadiah are in a good place—until Mab receives a summons to the airy world in the form of a knife stabbed into her pillow. And in the process of investigating her first solo case, Mab discovers the fairies are stealing joy-producing chemicals directly from the minds of humans in order to manufacture their magic Elixir, the dwindling source of their powers. Worst of all, Mab’s boyfriend Obadiah vows to abstain from Elixir, believing the benefits are not worth the cost in human suffering—even though he knows fairies can’t long survive without their magic. Mab soon realizes she has no choice but to answer the summons and return to the Vale. But the deeper she is drawn into the machinations of the realm, the more she becomes ensnared by promises she made in the past. And in trying to do the right thing, Mab will face her most devastating betrayal yet, one that threatens everything and everyone she holds most dear.

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