Saturday, October 15, 2016

ALTERED STARSCAPE (Harper Voyager; on sale Oct. 25; $7.99; ISBN: 9780062379191) by Ian Douglas.

ALTERED STARSCAPE (Harper Voyager; on sale Oct. 25; $7.99; ISBN: 9780062379191) by Ian Douglas.

The first in Douglas’ brand new, thrilling Andromedan Dark series, the book follows the crew and passengers of the Tellus Ad Astra, led by Lord Commander Grayson St. Clair. On a mission to the center of the galaxy, the ship never makes it. Sucked into a black hole en route, the ship emerges four billion years later. Earth is a distant memory, and the Andromeda Galaxy is drifting into the Milky Way. Oh, and St. Clair must keep more than one million souls aboard the Tellus safe from hostile brain-sucking, space-warping aliens who appear to be composed of dark matter.

Douglas’ wild imagination fused with his advanced scientific speculation elevates this new series to intergalactic heights! Packed with action and suspense, ALTERED STARSCAPE reminds fans—both new and old alike—why a Douglas novel is a must have for sci-fi readers.

Altered Starscape

Ian Douglas

October 25, 2016

Harper Voyager

Mass Market

Fiction / Science Fiction / Military

$7.99 USD, $9.99 CAD, £6.99 GBP

ABOUT Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas is the author of the popular military SF series The Inheritance Trilogy, The Heritage Trilogy and The Legacy Trilogy. A former naval corpsman, he lives in Pennsylvania.


2162. Thirty-eight years after first contact, Lord Commander Grayson St. Clair leads the Tellus Ad Astra on an unprecedented expedition to the Galactic Core, carrying more than a million scientists, diplomats, soldiers, and AIs. Despite his reservations about their alien hosts, St. Clair is deeply committed to his people—especially after they're sucked into a black hole and spat out four billion years in the future.

Civilizations have risen and fallen. The Andromeda Galaxy is drifting into the Milky Way. And Earth is a distant memory. All that matters now is survival. But as the ship's Marines search for allies amid ancient ruins and strange new planetary structures, St. Clair must wrap his mind around an enemy capable of harnessing a weapon of incomprehensible power: space itself.

Praise for Ian Douglas

“Douglas knows his SF.”—Publishers Weekly on Abyss Deep

“Well researched and quite imaginative.”— on Europa Strike

“Ian Douglas is one of the masters of military science fiction.”—SF Revu on Deep Space

“The action is full-blooded and almost nonstop, yet the well-developed background is surprisingly rich and logical.
…As immersive as it is impressive.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on Deep Space

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