Wednesday, August 26, 2015


A Fairy-tale Ending

Jack Heckel

August 25, 2015

Harper Voyager


Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

$2.99 USD, $2.99 CAD, £4.99, €2.64

Today, readers can download A FAIRY-TALE ENDING by Jack Heckel, which comprises the first two volumes of Heckel's delightful Charming Tales.

Prince Charming had one destiny: to slay the dragon and save the princess. Both have been achieved, except there’s a problem: Charming had nothing to do with either. A farmer named Will Pickett succeeded where royalty had failed-and this simply will not stand.

Thus begins an epic adventure that has Prince Charming and Will Pickett vying with each other for the throne by challenging trolls, outwitting scoundrels, and facing all manner of fairy tale creatures. All the while a dark sorcery envelops Castle White, and Will’s sister Liz and her friend Lady Rapunzel uncover a threat to the kingdom. The fate of Royaume hangs in the balance as Charming tries to salvage his reputation, and the clock is ticking…

Reminiscent of Shrek and Gail Carson Levine's Princess Tales series, A FAIRY-TALE ENDING twists and turns traditional fairy tales on their glass slippers in the wittiest, wackiest ways. Readers will look at their favorite childhood stories in a completely new light as they follow the adventures of Will and Liz Pickett. If you’d like to check out A FAIRY-TALE ENDING, just click on the book cover above to download from

About the Author

Jack Heckel is the author of the Charming Tales series. Beyond that, Jack aspires to be either a witty, urbane, world-traveler who lives on his vintage yacht, The Clever Double Entendre, or a geographically illiterate professor of literature who spends his non-writing time restoring an 18th century lighthouse off a remote part of the Vermont coastline. More than anything, Jack lives for his readers.

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