Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Kameron Hurley from Angry Robot Books

More Kameron Hurley from Angry Robot Books


We're overjoyed that Kameron Hurley, author of The Mirror Empire, and newly announced finalist of the Locus Fantasy Novel Award, is releasing book three of the awesome Worldbreaker Saga, The Broken Heavens through Angry Robot Books.

Marc Gascoigne, Robot Overlord & Publisher, writes: “What is there left to say about Kameron Hurley that hasn’t already been captured in the swathes of rave reviews, Hugo Award acceptance speeches, think pieces and blog posts? Well, this: The Mirror Empire saw her burst from the gates as a fully-formed A-list fantasy author. Empire Ascendant, as readers will soon discover for themselves, shows her relaxing into her powers, utterly in command of her characters and their world. Now it’s time to see what she does by way of a third act and I, along with her many fans, cannot wait.”

Kameron added: “I’m thrilled to bring readers the third and final volume of the Worldbreaker Saga with Angry Robot Books. They’ve been eternal champions for The Mirror Empire and Empire Ascendant and I’m super pleased to bring the whole series to a suitably epic conclusion in The Broken Heavens. Get ready for the end of the world – Hurley style.”

We're all delighted to have Kameron on board for book three and can't wait to see how The Broken Heavens will bring the saga to its epic conclusion.

Before you get ahead of yourself with breathless anticipation for book three however, make sure to catch the second book in the series, Empire Ascendant, out this October.

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