Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Matt Hill Joins Angry Robot

Matt Hill Joins Angry Robot

Hail Robot Army!

As you can tell, we're not only busy as we approach March and the re-appearance of brand new Angry Robot titles in your local bookshops, but also behind the scenes as we continue to build our Robot family. We're very excited to tell you about our latest acquisition, Matt Hill and his gritty SF book, Graft.

Matt's debut novel, The Folded Man, was runner-up in the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize and praised by none other than Stephen Fry, in his capacity as judge, for capturing "the smell and essence of Britain through its main character, his desires, addictions and strange courage. Written with direct vividness that keeps one inside its totally realised world."

We are delighted to have such a fantastic UK based SF title, where the city of Manchester itself becomes a strong character. Hopefully this appeals to our fans around the world!


Under the Skin
meets The Handmaid’s Tale meets The Fifth Elementwith extra limbs.

In Graft, the near future is bleak — especially in Manchester.

Local mechanic Sol steals old vehicles to meet the demand for spares. But when his partner impulsively jacks a luxury model, the structures of Sol’s life begin to warp. Hidden in the stolen car’s boot is a three-armed woman with a strange tattoo on her throat. She is Y: rootless, amnesiac, and scheduled for delivery. What she reveals not only forces Sol to confront his own past, but sends him to the threshold of reality – and asks him to cross it.

A novel about the horror of exploitation and the weight of love, Graft imagines a country in which too many people are only worth what’s on their price tag.

Matt Hill

Matt Hill: "I’m chuffed to bits that Graft has found a home at Angry Robot. They’ve published loads of amazingly written, brilliantly designed books, and I can’t wait to start working with the team."

Phil Jourdan: "Sometimes you get sent a book that ticks every single box for you — plot, character, prose, mood, originality, sheer madness — and you just think, ‘Am I actually ready to take this on?’ Well, the good news is we're ready. Graft is the perfect addition to Angry Robot’s catalogue: a truly unique science fiction book, dark and twisted but gorgeous all the way through."

Matt Hill was born in 1984 and grew up in Tameside, Greater Manchester. After completing a journalism degree at Cardiff University, he trained as a copywriter. He now lives and works in London. His first novel, The Folded Man, was runner-up in the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize.

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