Tuesday, January 20, 2015

News from Joseph Nassise

Fall of Night
Book 6 in the Templar Chronicles series

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Joseph Nassise continues his internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles series with Fall of Night!

At long last former Knight Commander Cade Williams has defeated the Adversary, but his victory has come at a terrible cost. His wife, Gabrielle, is no more. His reputation lies in tatters, his trust in others broken. His closest friends and allies are now at risk from the very Order they pledged their lives to maintain. If it could go wrong, it has.

Unable to bear the reality of what he has been forced to do, all Cade wants is find a deep hole and pull it in after him. Let the world go on without him, for all he loves is lost and he sees no reason to continue.

Cade thinks it is over.

Cade is wrong.

After the surprises revealed in Judgment Day, I knew I couldn't take too long to get this in your hands. To that end I put everything else on the back burner and have been working diligently on Fall of Night so that it will be released before winter is over. There will be at least two more books after this - the sequel to Fall of Night (currently unnamed) and Babylon Dreams (the prequel that brings characters from the Templar Chronicles together with characters from the Jeremiah Hunt series,)

On Her Majesty's Behalf

For those of you who might also be reading my Great Undead War series, book two - On Her Majesty's Behalf - is now out. This volume picks up almost immediately after book one ends, with Madman Burke and company being offered a new - and decidedly dangerous - mission to the heart of a bombed-out London.

More zombies (including a new breed known as Shredders!), more weapons, and more steampunk coolness follow.

The outrageously inventive follow-up to By the Blood of Heroes from New York Times and USA Today bestseller Joseph Nassise!

At the close of 1917, the Germans introduced a new type of gas, T-Leiche--"corpse gas"--a revolutionary weapon that changed the war. Instead of killing the living, T-Leiche resurrected the bodies of the dead.

For those who survived the killing fields of France, the danger has only just begun. Veteran Michael "Madman" Burke and his company have just been assigned a daring new mission by the president himself: rescue the members of the British royal family. But Manfred von Richthofen, the undead Red Baron and newly self-appointed leader of Germany, is also determined to find the family.

In the devastated, zombie-infested city of London, Burke and his men will face off in an unholy battle with their most formidable opponent yet: a team of infected super soldiers - shredders - who have greater speed and strength than their shambler predecessors. If they don't succeed, all of Britain will fall into undead enemy hands.

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