Friday, May 23, 2014

Writers of the Future Volume 30


What to say about WRITERS OF THE FUTURE? The fact that this is Volume 30 speaks volumes itself. This is an established brand – a strong brand – that has for thirty years provided exciting stories by fresh new authors as selected by a panel of science fiction veterans with names like Silverberg, Pohl, Resnick and many others of stature.

This series serves to give a leg-up to new authors and to continuously refresh the ranks of writers who provide so much entertainment to those of us who love to read. I no longer read as much SF as in the past – so many of my favorite authors are gone – so when I do I want to be rewarded for my time. WRITERS OF THE FUTURE always delivers.

To mention just a couple of stories is a shame but “Shifter” by Paul Eckheart was a clear winner with me. It involves a unique way of changing ones appearance and more with a family drama. “The Shaadi Exile” by Amanda Forrest, while set in worlds far beyond our own, resonates with attitudes that taint certain cultures with which we are dealing. I must also mention a story called “Robots Don’t Cry” by Mike Resnick, One of the contest judges. Maybe robots don’t cry but sometimes readers feel strong emotions when an author does his job extra well – and Resnick did with this one.

As if this isn’t enough, this book also highlights the 25th year of the Illustrators of the Future contest. This showcases some beautiful artwork – both black and white and color – from some very talented folks but the cover illustration by Cassandre Bolan for Shauna O’Meara’s story, “Beneath the Surface of Two Kills” is particularly outstanding.

So is this series!

//My compliments to Galaxy for going to the trade paperback size with this volume. The larger size allows for greater detail in the art and is easier for some of us older readers to enjoy. Thanks to all involved for another marvelous volume in a long line of terrific stories and new writers. Barry//

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  1. Thank you very much Barry. I have forwarded your review on our Writers and Illustrators of the Future FB page and individually to those you selected out.
    My best to you as always,
    John Goodwin