Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Exhibit A Posse Grows

Yesterday we announced Carac Allison as the latest Exhibit A author, and today, we're delighted to tell you that Rob Hart is ours for another book!

Read on to see why these books grabbed us, and why they'll hopefully grab you!

Dark Digital Sky - May, 2015

A gripping high-tech crime novel mixing the pulpy spirit of the past and the security threats of today.

Chalk is an ex-FBI agent whose specializations are cults and computer forensics. The tools of his trade as a PI are a Porsche 911, an unregistered Glock, modified cellphones, radios, and an eclectic collection of computers. He suffers from bipolar disorder, lives alone and hopes, one day, to be able to see his son without the constraints placed on him by the courts.

Chalk’s mission is simple: find three biological sons of one of Hollywood’s sleazy successes whose origins lie in a sperm bank donation he made decades ago. Chalk finds all three, each as twisted as the father in very different ways. It seems his task is complete when Chalk discovers all three are being recruited by a demented General who is looting vast pharmaceutical warehouses and planning a major domestic terror attack.

As Chalk digs further into the brothers’ plot, he uncovers a secret military weapons program embedded deep in the Hollywood special effects and technology industry. It will take every bit of techno savvy he has to strip away the illusions and the politics and find the real source of the threat.

City of Rose (Ash McKenna Book #2) - Autumn, 2015

Ash McKenna is living in Portland, bearing the scars of his mistakes, working as a bouncer at a vegan strip club. It’s a paradox for someone pursuing a life of non-violence, but given Portland’s genial atmosphere, he hasn’t had to hit anyone in months—and he’s quite happy about that.

So when Cordelia, one of the dancers at the club, asks for help finding her daughter, Ash is hesitant. It doesn’t even sound like a hard gig. The girl, Rose, was taken from daycare by Cordelia’s junkie ex-husband, and she doesn’t want to involve the cops. Compared to what he used to do, it sounds like cake. But he doesn’t want to go back to that life.

A few hours later, he’s tossed in a trunk, put on his knees behind a warehouse, and threatened at gunpoint to stay away from the girl. Instead of scaring him off, it pushes him to take the case. Facing unfamiliar terrain and a desire to keep things bloodless, Ash sets out to get the girl back. The hunt stretches from drug dens on the outskirts of town to the halls of government—and challenges his newfound philosophy of non-violence.

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