Thursday, December 19, 2013

Storm Demon - A Jake Helman Novel

Storm Demon
Gregory Lamberson
Medallion Press, Oct 31 2013, $14.95
ISBN: 9781605427461

Following the completion of his mission to rescue his best friend Edgar Hopkins, the “raven”, from a witch doctor in New Orleans, Miami, and Pavot Island (see Tortured Spirits), ex-police officer turned private detective Jake Helman feels good being back in the Manhattan jungle. Besides saving his BFF, Jake looks forward to a relationship with Edgar’s NYPD homicide detective partner Maria Vasquez who teamed up with him on the paranormal “rumble in the jungle” (not the Ali-Foreman fight).

While he was traipsing the tropics, psychic healer Laurel Doniger vanished. Jake investigates Laurel’s disappearance by looking into the missing psychic’s past. Although the sleuth works the supernatural beat, which means meeting and frequently confronting strange creatures, even Jake is taken aback when his inquiry leads to Lilith the first succubus now known as Storm Demon planning to destroy New York City.

The fifth case in the Jake Helman Files (see Cosmic Forces, Desperate Souls and Personal Demons) is an exhilarating urban fantasy noir. Jake is terrific as he holds the fun story line focused while following clues that lead to an angry avenging malevolent who is the oldest female on the planet having been there when Adam and Eve fell from grace. Gregory Lamberson deftly blends humor and horror elements inside of a strong save the concrete jungle investigative thriller; summed up by the hero’s wry observation about needing flood insurance.

Harriet Klausner

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