Monday, December 10, 2012

Three from L. Ron Hubbard: THE BLACK SULTAN, ISBN: 9781592123537, THE DEVIL – WITH WINGS, ISBN: 9781592123094, THE DIVE BOMBER, ISBN: 9781592123117, each 132 pages, $9.95, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Hubbard was one of the most prolific authors of the Pulp Era and he was not limited to one genre. He wrote science fiction, horror, mystery, adventure and westerns. It really didn’t matter which genre was on the stands, they all sold well and Galaxy is bringing all of his pulp works out to show a new generation what their fathers and grandfathers had to entertain them in the time before video games and television.

THE BLACK SULTAN is the story of Eddie Moran, an adventurer being chase by the French Foreign Legion, when he comes to the aid of the US vice-counsel and El Zidan, a recently deposed Berber leader. As luck would have it, Moran is later captured by Abu ‘l Hasan, who overthrew El Zidan; meets a beautiful red haired girl destined to be Hasan’s latest wife; and, manages to reverse his fortunes and end up with the girl. There is plenty of action and while a bit predictable, is a fun read. “Escape for Three,” another adventure tale is included.

THE DEVIL – WITH WINGS is the story of a one man avenger fighting the Japanese invaders in China in the 1930s. Gary Forsythe has caused the Japanese so many problems that he has a $50,000 price on his head. Forsythe is more than a thorn in the side of the Japanese, he is much more and the story is interesting all the way through and the big reveal at the end is worth the trip to get there.

THE DIVE BOMBER is the new invention of Lucky Martin and he hopes to sell his design to the Navy. The design is so revolutionary, there are other, hostile powers out to do whatever it takes to steal the plans. They will do anything to sabotage the plane and kill whoever gets in their way to do so. This story, written in 1937, shows how Hubbard expects the war to come and how planes will be used to fight. Hubbard shows his mastery of his craft and his understanding of world events to predict the future as well.

All of the stories in the Stories of the Golden Age series are filled with adventure and action. Be sure to pick these up and be on the lookout for any you have missed and the future releases as well.

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