Friday, September 7, 2012

E-book Prequel to New Series


Digital Original Novellas by Bestselling Author Jocelynn Drake Introduce Readers to Well-Inked New Urban Fantasy Series

THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: TRIXIE, an e-original novella by acclaimed urban fantasy author Jocelynn Drake, serves as prelude to a new series which New York Times bestseller Kim Harrison calls "intriguing and wildly inventive." On-sale now in digital format, this is the second of two prequels that lead into Drake's trade paperback debut, Angel's Ink, a book that J.R. Ward calls “gritty, authentic and fast-paced."

The Asylum Tales series, called "a whole new take on dark urban fantasy," by Simon

Green, Jocelynn Drake introduces Low Town, a place populated by humans and all manner of magical creatures. The action revolves around Gage, owner of The Asylum Tattoo Parlor. He is a master tattoo artist and secret warlock, who Booklist compares to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden. Gage and his employees, the hulking troll, Bronx, and Trixie, a beautiful elf who hides her true identity, create gorgeous tattoos for their patrons, and will mix in special ingredients to give the tattoos a magical kick—for the right price. A stingy patron wishing for a little extra luck might find themselves with an expired leprechaun hair in their ink and a series of unlucky events in their future.

THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: TRIXIE tells the story of how Trixie ended up a resident of The Asylum Tattoo Parlor as she tries to escape a mysterious past with the help of Gage's ex-girlfriend, Jo, a vampire with problems of her own. TRIXIE has received great praise from the blog world. Smash Attack Reads calls it and BRONX "a great introduction to the series," while Open Book Society calls it "fun" and Oh The Book Girl recommends it for fans of Vicki Pettersson and Charlaine Harris.

Readers can buy both THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: BRONX and THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: TRIXIE wherever e-books are sold, in anticipation of the October 16 release of ANGEL'S INK.

The bestselling author of the DARK DAYS series and former financial analyst, Jocelynn Drake lives in Kentucky.

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