Saturday, May 5, 2012

Adam Niswander

Back in 1993 I received a review copy of THE CHARM by Adam Niswander. It was subtitled, A Southwestern Supernatural Thriller and it was the first novel of The Shaman Series which was a planned twelve volume series featuring the Shamans or Medicine Men of the twelve tribes of Native Americans that called Arizona and the Southwestern United States their home.

Their opponents were creatures of their myths and memories of their forefathers. They were also closely aligned to The Great Old Ones as written by Lovecraft, Long, Bloch and others.

So far five volumes have appeared: THE CHARM, THE SERPENT SLAYERS, THE HOUND HUNTERS, THE WAR OF THE WHISPERERS, and THE NEMESIS OF NIGHT. A sixth volume, THE PRIMAL PIPERS, is planned and hopefully will be finished for our enjoyment. The original publisher of the first three volumes has since gone out of business and Hippocampus Press has taken over the task of bring them into print.

Adam has also written THE REPOSITORY, THE SAND DWELLERS and BLURRING THE EDGES OF DREAM, a collection of short stories.

Although Adam and I have never met, we have corresponded over the years and I feel he is a true friend and talented writer. In the past few years, Adam’s health has been in decline and he is now in Hospice care at the Phoenix VA Hospital.

Adam has been posting his experiences in Hospice on Facebook for his friends to share and possibly be used by the VA to help others in Hospice to understand what goes on and the care received by the patients.

Adam continues to be an entertaining and informative writer and shows his courage and inspiration in these times that most people would just give up and let things go. I feel that his positive attitude and joy of living is helping him to increase his time with us.

I am writing this piece to let Adam know how much I have appreciated his writing talents and his friendship over the past twenty years. I also want to thank him for his service to our country.

Thank you Adam for being a friend and Comrade in Arms.

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