Saturday, June 11, 2011

Den of Thieves and Lure of the Wicked Press Release

DEN OF THIEVES: The Ancient Blades Trilogy: Book One (Harper Voyager Mass Market Original, July 27, 2011) by David Chandler. DEN OF THIEVES is an astounding, extremely commercial and equally gritty new fantasy series of thieves and cutpurses, intrigue, knights and demons, in the bestselling vein of Brent Weeks and Scott Lynch.

Malden is born and raised in the slums, a cutpurse and thief whose one bad mistake indentures him to the cut-throat, deadly thieves guild. Croy is a knight, born to honor and nobility and the sacred charge of bearing an Ancient Blade. Cythera, the witch, holds a dark secret and powerful, forbidden magic that can kill with a kiss. A desperate choice to steal a crown will change Malden’s entire life, intertwine the lives of thief, knight and witch, and bring Malden to a destiny he could never imagine.

Author Bio

David Chandler was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1971. He attended Penn State and received there an MFA in creative writing. He works as an archivist for the United Nations in New York City. In his alter-ego as David Wellington, he writes critically-acclaimed and popular horror novels, and was one of the co-authors of the New York Times bestseller Marvel Zombies Return.

Karina Cooper’s second paranormal romance, LURE OF THE WICKED will be on-sale 6/28/11. It is an outstanding follow up to the highly buzzed about first in series, BLOOD OF THE WICKED.

Plucked from the no-frills interior of a stark jail cell, witch hunter Naomi West has been buffed, polished, and shined to topside perfection. Bitterly resentful, she is imprisoned within the city’s premier spa and resort and forced to pass as one of the topside elite to hunt down an agent gone rogue. The plan is simple: kill him, before the gilded cage she hates so much gets to her first.

Phinneas Clarke has put heart and soul into the spa, turning his family’s secrets and dreams into a successful business that hides the operation he runs behind the scenes. When the beautifully untouchable Naomi checks in, everything starts to unravel, and he must choose between protecting his investment, his family, or a woman too damaged to be any good for his heart.

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