Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Blazing Wings

ON BLAZING WINGS, L Ron Hubbard, Galaxy Press, $9.95, 116 pages, ISBN: 9781592122943, $9.95, 131 minute Audio CD, ISBN: 9781592122325, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

One of the things that come to mind when I pick up a work by L Ron Hubbard is that he is able to cross genres and maintain his high standards of quality and interest. His stories also give the feel of experience and firsthand knowledge of the subject matter.

On this occasion I chose to listen to the CD on a trip to Atlanta. It’s roughly an hour each way and the CD filled the time and made the trip more bearable. The CD is dramatized with multiple characters and sound effects and gives the unabridged story.

ON BLAZING WINGS is the story of David Duane, an ace fighter pilot who goes where the war is and aids the side that appeals to him most. It is 1940 and he is flying for Finland in their effort to keep Russia from over-running their country. During one of his sorties, he is shot down and arrives at a city in the clouds where he is reminded of his history and shown his future.

When he is returned to Earth, his memory is as a forgotten dream. He is captured by a Finn Communist and falls in love with her. Even as he escapes, he senses there is more to his actions. As the story concludes, David is able to redeem himself and prove that the future can indeed be changed.

This is a well done adventure that reminds us of other days when war was fought differently and adventure writing took us to places we could only dream of. This is another adventure in the Stories from the Golden Age series and is a valued addition to any library.

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