Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wait for the Thunder review

WAIT FOR THE THUNDER: Stories for a Stormy Night, Donald R. Burleson, Hippocampus Press, $20, 300 pages, ISBN: 9780981488813, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Stormy nights are usually scary enough with the thunder and the lightning and the possibility of being in the dark at any moment. It that is not enough to get your blood pumping, this collection will double your chances of having a frightful time. Burleson has picked some of his more unusual tales for this collection and I’m sure you will find a scare or two to make you think a stormy night is not so bad.

Just about every cowboy movie ever made has a scene with “Tumbleweeds” blowing down the street. But there are never shown close up, this story may be the reason why. Just be sure to ask Jed Wilton why, but only do it before the wind rises.

“Hopscotch” turns out to be more than just a game to little Marnie Blake. Jill Swinburne really enjoys her “Country Living”, because she can conduct her experiments in private. A “One Night Stand” turns into a horrible nightmare for Eric in Room 18. “Tummerwunky” and “Sheep-Eye” could be newly found Lovecraft tales. “Fwoo” is about that thing that lives under your bed.

Burleson has put together an interesting collection that has plenty of chills and well written stories. You will find a taste of Lovecraft, Bloch and Long in this mixture of tales. Burleson would have been right at home in the pages of WEIRD TALES with them. Don’t wait too long to pick this one up, you need to start it before the next stormy night comes along.

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