Monday, May 31, 2010

Some Unusual Titles

DRACULA IS A RACIST, A Totally Factual Guide to Vampires, Matt Melvin, $12.95, 190 pages, ISBN: 9780806531373, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Here it is in one easy to read, heavily illustrated volume – everything you need to know about vampires. Here is a history of vampires from Vlad Tepes, Count Orloc, Nosferatu, and Count Chocula to the Count on Sesame Street and others. Their weaknesses and proclivity for being in various locales around the world and their place in movies and fiction is also discussed. As far as the question of being a racist, besides Blackula how many non-white vampires have you ever seen?

Just remember that all the facts revealed in this book have been researched thoroughly and proven to be true. Really!

THE BOOK OF ELI, Sam Moffie, Mill City Press, $14.95, 150 pages, ISBN: 9781936107353, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Eli Canaan, while not an overtly religious man, did live a good life and kept nine of the Ten Commandments. He only broke the one about adultery and h wife knew about it. She put up with it because he was a good provider, but one day she went to a Gypsy and had a spell cast that ended up with his arrival in Heaven.

After he has a meeting with God, is shown around Heaven by his guide, Groucho Marx Eli’s first question is about dogs and cats and the answer is surprising. Eli has other meetings with, Freud, Jesus, Madelyn Murray O’Hare, Ayn Rand, and others to help him understand the reality that is Heaven and the purpose that God has planned for him.

Moffie has written an interesting and unusual book at the way of life on Earth today and what it may take to get us on the true path.

WOMEN OWN ALL THE VAGINAS, Why Men Do What They Do, Richard Nocera, Dick ‘N Jane Publishing, $19.95, ISBN: 9781449946067, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

There are innumerous comments that could be made about the title of this book. I’ll do my best not to go there as Nocera has written a serious book about his voyage of discovery of what has made him become the person he is now and the part the women in his life have played in his journey.

In “the Set-Up”, Nocera mentions that it has taken thousands of hours of therapy and thousands of dollars to come to the conclusions that are presented in this memoir. Nocera lists the various phases a male goes through to reach the finished product, a monogamous grown up male.

Nocera writes about the stages that range from vagina man, cool man, performance man, competitive man and others working their way up to fragile man, wounded man, conflicted man and ending up as whole man. He fills each stage with anecdotes about the stage and his development though it.

This is one of those books that might not normally make it onto your reading list, but it has a lot to say about men and why they turn out the way they do. It is written to help men understand themselves and it will also help women understand them.

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