Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chaosbound by David Farland

David Farland
Tor, Oct 13 2009, $25.99
ISBN: 9780765321688

Flameweaver Fallion Orden continues his struggle to consolidate the splintered One World before it is too late following recent harrowing fights by his allies to rescue him from Lord Despair (see The Wyrmling Horde). Two of his supporters, warriors Borenson and Myrrima have no time for respite though they could use some. Fallion has used some magic in a desperate ploy for a super warrior on a critical quest; he consolidates into one warrior Borenson with berserker Aaath Ulber, a horned giant from the other side.

However that amalgam proves to be a two edged blade. While Myrrima observes in horror and angry helpless understanding, Borenson increasingly loses much of his human essence with each passing moment while undergoing mission impossible to be Fallion’s prime tool to unite humans against the wyrmlings.

The Eighth Book of the Runelords is a profound fantasy that explores deep complex philosophical themes of what is a human, when does honor and patriotism turn myopic, and finally when does the sacrifice of another go too far. To fully grasp the complexities of the Farland universe, it is imperative to read the previous three books (see SONS OF THE OAK) that make up the second saga as each leads to the next. Not for everyone, though there is plenty of action as expected when a berserker runs wild, CHAOSBOUND is still a deep reflective tale with timely applications for our world. Harriet Klausner

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