Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Anthologies

THE DRAGON AND THE STARS, edited by Derwin Mak and Eric Choi, DAW, $7.99, 312 pages, ISBN: 9780756406189, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Here is a collection of eighteen tales drawing on Chinese tradition and legend that are written by authors of Chinese heritage who add in touches of their current culture to add into the uniqueness of their stories.

The stories are varied and feature topics ranging from a Chinese consortium trying to launch a rocket from Canada; a fox spirit seeking revenge; a fortune cookie that makes you write your own fortune; a visit to “Anglotown”; the Man in the Moon; and, other tales crafted to give you a taste of Chinese culture and fine story telling.

CTHULHU’S REIGN, edited by Darrell Schweitzer, DAW, $7.99, 312 pages, ISBN: 9780756406165, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

There are few souls on the planet that are not familiar either with H.P. Lovecraft or his most famous creation, Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu is also one of the most written about creation that has had many other writes add to the every expanding Cthulhu Mythos stories.

In this new collection of tales, we find out what may happen after the Great Old Ones return from the stars, R’lyeh rises from beneath the sea, and the followers who have kept the faith receive their rewards. Here are fourteen tales from new and established authors to share with us the imaginative horror and strangeness that will be the results of CTHULHU’S REIGN.

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